From Editor’s Desk

The first words that come to our minds when we think of Insti are peace, freedom and opportunity. The beautiful, calm and serene campus has provided space for more than just fun and frolic. It has accommodated a host of opportunities for us to pick up interests outside of academics and to nurture them. It gave us the chance to meet a varied set of personalities from all parts of the country. But what we can never forget and what we thank Insti for is that it has helped us become self-dependent.

When we had first walked into Insti, we feared not being able to mingle with the new surroundings and the strange set of people around us. Insti was not home but it was warm and welcoming. We interacted a lot with seniors and other mates of our age only to realize that they shared the same feeling. The loads of activities happening everyday kept us on our toes and we never felt bored. In fact, one of us gleefully said, “I felt home-sick for the first time in my 7th semester.”

Through the years, our perspectives and views on various issues have changed and we have learnt more values. We have learnt to admit our mistakes and are more open to other’s views now. We have learnt to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes and behave appropriately in all kinds of situations. All in all, we have learnt to maintain a balanced life. A balance between academics and extra-curriculars. A balance between family and friends. A balanced diet.

Picking out one or two instances from a hoard of memories is very hard. Our memories star all the friends who stood with us through thick and thin, the fun we had in hostels and many more random incidents which can’t be categorized. The Last Bencher is an attempt to immortalize those memories. This is to all those friends who lived those moments with us.

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