Hello Da Macha!

Do you know how to ‘gen put peace’? Have you met our friend CR2RR and do you know how he got that name? If you don’t, here is an opportunity for you to sneak a peek into what happens at IIT Madras. For us IITians, change is just another variable and not the only constant as the popular saying goes. Because college is not just the metamorphosis of a school kid into a responsible adult, it is the journey itself. A journey of self discovery, a journey of unbounded learning, a journey which continues to inspire us, evolve us, arouse mixed emotions in us even after we have left it far behind us; the journey of the last bencher. ‘The Last Bencher’ is a collection of varied experiences and encounters, ranging from tips on love life to hilarious pranks, of graduating students of batch 2011 of Indian Institute of Technology, Madras. Read on to embark on a journey you will never forget.

Download The Last Bencher


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